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Hello all,

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. I’m coming to you from the Internet this time as  the Editors’ Column was sadly replaced in print, with links to other fantastic articles online.

This week’s issue is themed around Nicholas Crane’s visit to Durham University. I was lucky enough to interview him, thanks to Durham University Geographical Society (DUGS). (You can watch the video online! Go to our Facebook page!) He was an extremely interesting, passionate, and engaging man. He’s done a lot of unusual things with his life that we should all be rather envious of, like walking over the United Kingdom.

The biggest message I took from him was that we should all try to ‘follow our dreams’, and I’ve done my best to articulate that in the headline article.

I feel this is essential advice for university students, as we are often worrying about whether we should do a law conversion or go into banking for the sake of worrying. It was great to hear someone encouraging all of us to work hard for our dreams.

The talk he did has been summarised by in print.

Also this week we have some new content coming out online only. wrote the article How soft body parts can change an identity, and interviewed a Durham Professor. You can read the article on the Palatinate Science & Technology page, or watch the interview on our Facebook page.

Work by Dr Martin has led to the re-assignment of a particular group of fossiles, known as hyoliths, from one group to another.

We have also published an article by Jack Eadley, PhD student, on his current research, and a further article on the Sexpression Durham talk which took place last Thursday.

Thanks very much for your time and enjoy reading!

Illustration: Palatinate SciTech

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