Hunchback hills of cobblestone 

Split by the stooping spine of the river.

Brisk steps and scuffle pulse within,

Tapering over the stretch of bridges,

The flex of stone arches,

Spanning the river rush,

Or the river hush.

Ripped up by an oar’s plunge – brush,

The beat, the crack, the oars creek back,

The boats slit through the stream

And glide between its fissures. 

The rhythm trips into chime

As cathedral bells strike the time,

Rising and swelling through the sky,

Snagging spire spikes,

Grating gravel that crunches riverbanks,

Before flaunting the foliage

Into a spring, sway, sheen,

Flushing leafy bushes and trees,

Tickling blades of green.  

Illustration by Jessica Rushton

Photography by

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