A letter to a magpie

By Jessica Rushton

I’m sure you get tired of people asking 

Where your friend is today.

Is he far, dear Magpie? Has he gone away?

Maybe one morning you woke up alone,

Trying to comprehend where he had flown.


Your teammate has left and 

Now what do you plan to do?

No-one is used to seeing you

Without your number two.


Or maybe it was you that left, dear Magpie

You needed that different view.

Sick of that nest, you wanted something new.

Maybe bigger trees and open space,

No-one blames you for leaving that place. 


So when they ask, dear Magpie 

Why are you sat on your own?

Tell them you’re fine alone,

That it’s the only way you have ever known. 

Illustration by Jessica Rushton @happyfewportraits

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