Durham Women FC raise over £2,400 in charity appeal


Durham Women FC have raised over £2,400 as part of the #ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY campaign led by England footballer Marcus Rashford.

Supporters who watched Durham’s live streamed games against Charlton Athletic, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers and Liverpool were asked to donate towards the fund after the club had been inspired by Rashford’s campaigning.

The money raised will be split between local schools, community groups, families in County Durham and REfUSE, a community group based in Chester-le-Street.

REfUSE take food that would be wasted and help households across County Durham through their “Pay What You Decide” shops. The money raised by Durham Women will go towards a new market stall to increase accessibility.

“We’re really excited to open up our new hub in Grange Villa,” said REfUSE’s Mim Skinner. “It’s already been so popular and is another resource to make sure good food feeds bellies, not bins.”

The connection with REfUSE came about after the Wildcats were able to raise far more than their initial £1,000 target.

“They were one of the first charities that I wanted us to work alongside when we realised we had raised much more than expected,” said Dawn Hepple, assistant general manager at Durham Women. “It’s not just about supporting families with food, it’s also about the interaction they offer when they come to collect boxes.”

The sum raised is yet another success for Durham, who have enjoyed a fruitful season on the pitch too. Lee Sanders’ side are currently unbeaten in the Women’s FA Championship, and go head to head with Leicester City on Sunday at 12pm in a top of the table clash.

The match is realistically a must-win for Durham’s promotion hopes and will be exclusively live streamed on the Durham Women Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DurhamWomenFC/.

Image: Team Durham

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