Durham University Islamic Society charity week events raise £300


Durham University Islamic Society held its first charity week of the year this month, hosting a range of activities for its members including a quiz night and football match.

The events, held between 8th and 12th November raised an estimated £300, although organisers are yet to finish counting donations.

As in previous years, the money raised by the Society’s charity week will be donated to Islamic Relief, a charity that provides disaster relief and runs development schemes in local communities.

Events included a FIFA tournament, a football match, and a table tennis night for male students, and henna, games and movie nights for female students. The week culminated with a day-long bake sale and a quiz night held in the Students’ Union building.

“Everyone was having fun and they wanted more events like these”

This term’s charity week comes following a successful campaign in April and May last year which saw the society provide 1700 free Iftar meals during Ramadan.

Reflecting on the recent events, the society’s Charities Officer Kulsom Uddin hailed the week as an overall success. She told Palatinate that “the people that attended the charity week events actually enjoyed it, as I could just tell because everyone was having fun and they wanted more events like these”.

Uddin stated that it was crucial to host a charity week this term as “all the other Universities had already started to do it, so we needed to do it as our first priority”.

She noted that it was especially important given that “most Islamic charity organisations get their money during Ramadan…so getting money at the beginning of winter will benefit them”.

In addition to raising money, the week also provided an opportunity to educate people on the practices and beliefs of Islam. Uddin recalled that during the quiz night, “some people didn’t know the basics like how many jamaat (prayers) there are, so people got to know more [about Islam] as well as have fun”.

Uddin also stressed that she planned the charity week so it was carried out in an Islamic compliant (or Halal) manner this year, explaining that “the money is going to charity so it has to be Halal money, so that’s why I decided to keep everything in an Islamic way, so the time people are giving does not go to waste”.


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