Durham students receive more money from parents than those at any other university, report suggests


Students at Durham receive more money from their parents than any other university in the Russell Group, according to the results of the NatWest Student Living Index.

The Index, an annual report surveying almost 3,500 students across 35 UK university towns, suggests Durham students receive more than twice the UK average for financial support from parents, with an average of £412.90 per month against the national mean of £208.50.

The report observes: “Students in Cardiff, Aberdeen and Durham are amongst the highest term time earners.

“However their main source of income is quite different. Students in Cardiff receive the majority of their income from part-time work and it’s similar in Aberdeen, but in Durham students receive most of their income from their mum and dad.”

Durham is closely followed by Oxford and Aberdeen, whose students are subsidised over £300 a month by their parents.

However, despite these statistics, Durham also appears in the top five universities with students that receive the most money in bursaries, close behind Cambridge and Manchester.

The survey further reveals that Durham students spend 116 hours studying monthly, 25 hours above the average UK student and almost double the statistics for the regular London student.

Durham students also spend the least on nights out of all 35 universities surveyed, while Birmingham students are paying the most.

Luke Humberstone, NUS president for Scotland, has stated that these figures paint a “bleak picture” for students in unaffordable cities.

“Students are being forced to choose between high levels of debt, working long hours which affects their studies and health, or in the worst cases dropping out of education altogether which is simply unacceptable.”

Dan Jones, head of student accounts at Royal Bank of Scotland, has explained how students may utilise these statistics.

“The Student Living Index helps students to see how they might budget while at University. Our main priority is to help students stay on top of their finances throughout their studies and our Student Account offers a number of features to help students make the most of their money and their time while at University.”

Photograph: MiraCosta Community College via Creative Commons

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