Durham students launch science networking app Scientistt

By Hannah Goldswain

Two Durham students have successfully launched a networking platform, Scientistt, earlier this year to support the STEM community and graduates entering the job market. Recent graduate and entrepreneur Hassan Mahmudul shaped the vision for Scientistt, and after creating a pilot version of the website teamed up with Callum Elson, a Durham finalist, to expand and develop the platform.

Networking has become an increasingly important aspect of the job-hunting process with sites like LinkedIn booming in recent years, but Mahmudul found that during his Research Masters at Durham, a lab-based environment offered little opportunity for networking. As a result, Scientistt was born, offering everything a research student requires, all in one place.

Scientistt provides resources and connections for the research community

The aim, according to Elson, is to “combat loneliness and create more opportunity for collaboration” within the field by collecting funding databases, conference listings and facilitating instant messaging all on one platform. Elson hopes that not only will this “aid the general advancement of the scientific field, but also the individual wellbeing of researchers”.

Hassan Mahmudul, creator of Scientistt.

Thus, a diverse community of researchers has been growing over the past few months, with Mahmudul and Elson bringing new ideas and updates to the fore for students to benefit from. One such scheme includes industry experts speaking on ‘Diversity in STEM’ and career next steps such as ‘What to do after a PhD’ in weekly virtual networking events applicable to students ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate.

In the current climate, it seems that not only has the COVID-19 pandemic put university and study on hold, but for those seeking employment, it feels like the job market has stagnated. However, Elson says that a constructive approach to the future is important and that times like these may even throw up different opportunities and chances to build up skills and use the time to boost employability. Scientistt has many resources on the website to help students who might feel a bit stuck or who are just trying to get stuck in to new things.

Callum Elson, developer of Scientistt.

And getting stuck in couldn’t be easier. It takes five minutes to make a free account on Scientistt which gives you access to all the resources and networking opportunities available. Scientistt is also a platform to share work to a community with expertise and experience in science research, so there are opportunities for feedback and ways to amplify your portfolio.

The aim is to “be the go-to platform for all students and researchers” Elson told us, “offering a valuable platform that genuinely enhances the experience, understanding and connections that people may not gain through their traditional academic training”. So far, the response to Scientistt has been incredible with many people sharing their experiences and work across the platform through blog posts, videos, competitions and virtual networking.

To get involved visit scientistt.net and sign up for free.

Header image by Kevin Dooley via Flickr. Embedded images courtesy of Callum Elson.

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