Durham student launches social media charity project after Azeem Ward’s flute recital


Stuart Swift, a second year at Van Mildert College, has started the #beinstrumental campaign after attending Azeem Ward’s flute recital in California last week.


Swift flew to California last weekend and spoke with Azeem to launch the #beinstrumental campaign, which is raising money for victims of the recent Nepal earthquake.

So far $8,864 has been raised.

The idea behind the campaign is similar to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, where people post on social media a video of themselves doing something musical and nominate other social media users to join in.

Speaking to Palatinate, Swift said: “I thought it would be an opportunity to put social media to the test and see if I could try and do something with Azeem in terms of fundraising.

“After the recital I spoke to [Azeem] about #beinstrumental and he was really keen on the idea.”

Swift said that after a day he had already seen videos online, both in the UK and the US.

“[Azeem] has been in touch and he is recording another video properly and will be posting it on his page soon in the hope that people get involved.”

Photograph: Stuart Swift

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