Durham student campaigns at London Science March

By Luke Andrews

A final-year Physics student shared her experiences as a Marshall at the event with Palatinate.

The march was organised to highlight the contribution of science to society, and to encourage policies for further scientific research. It coincided with Earth Day, and was part of a global movement.

Anuradha Damale, 22, donned a high-visibility jacket and walked with approximately 8,000 marchers from the Science Museum in London to Parliament Square. Once they arrived, Dr Jon Butterworth, a professor of Physics at University College London, Andrew Steele, Science is Vital Chair, and Dr Suze Kundu, biochemist at the University of Surrey, gave speeches. There was also a minute’s silence to remember the victims of the Westminster attack.

Anu was motivated to join the march because she felt the issues it represented had been overlooked.

“As a physics undergraduate, Science Policy Masters [offer holder] and women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) advocate, I think it was a no brainer,” she said.

Photo Credit: Anuradha Damale

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