Durham receives 47 applications for Vice-Chancellor post

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In an e-mail to students, Robert Gillespie, the Chair of University Council, has revealed that Durham received 47 applications for the post of Vice-Chancellor.

Gillespie went on to add that the appointing panel has now selected seventeen candidates to be interviewed.

Ten of these candidates are male, seven are female.

Perrett Laver, the global recruitment firm assisting the University in its appointment, will carry out the interviews.

The University then hopes to agree a final short-list of candidates by February 2015. This short-list will not be shared with students.

In an exclusive interview with Palatinate earlier this month, the University’s HR Director, Clare Curran, explained how the appointing panel was put together.

She said: “The Chair of University Council and the Acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ray Hudson will be on the panel. We’ve then got four Council representatives and four Senate representatives, an external figure and Dan Slavin. The Senate representatives are made up of staff from colleges as well as Heads of Department.

“We’re also getting a balance on the panel to make sure that those representatives from University Council and the Senate are 50% male and 50% female.

She added: “Each panel member will have equal rights to say what they want, there is no one person that will be treated differently and I can assure you that the Chairman [Robert Gillespie] regards that very very seriously.”

The University hopes to have appointed a new Vice-Chancellor by Easter 2015, with the successful candidate taking up their position the following October.

Photograph: Nicoletta Asciuto

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