Durham in autumn: Indigo photography competition winners

Judges: Patrick Brennan, Sraddha Venkataraman (Indigo editors); Venus Loi (photography editor)

With the arrival of ever-shorter days, ever-present fog and ever-infuriating slippery leaves underfoot, one thing is most certain: autumn has come. And we decided that such a beautiful season was deserved of its own photography competition. That, and we needed something to fill the back page.

We received many beautiful entries – a testament to Durham’s superbly strong photography game. Here we present the crème de la crème:

Andrew Mole

Overall winner: Andrew Mole

Anna Gibbs

Runner-up: Anna Gibbs

Ciara Murphy

Runner-up: Ciara Murphy

Katharine Richfield-Andrews

Runner-up: Katharine Richfield-Andrews

Tian Zhao

Runner-up: Tian Zhao

Thank you to everyone who entered, and well done to overall winner Andrew Mole, who won tickets to see wildlife cameraman Doug Allan in his recent talk at the Gala Theatre.

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