#AgeIsNotAVariable – or a boundary

Imogen De Souza shares her admiration for one of the most interesting, eye-catching influencers of the moment, Lyn Slater

By Imogen De Souza


Describing herself as a “cultural influencer”, Lyn Slater has changed the way we view age in relation to fashion. The 64-year-old runs an extremely successful fashion blog and Instagram account which boasts over 400,000 followers. Refusing to be defined and restricted by her technical status of “old”, the “accidental icon” is more fashion-forward than most twenty-somethings. An avid user of hashtags, she chooses words such as “powerful” and “confident” to illustrate her looks whilst donning garments designed by the likes of Yohji Yamamoto and Karl Lagerfeld.

Although possessing a flare for high fashion, her wardrobe also consists of regular high-street labels such as River Island. The affordable and accessible fashion combined with higher-end pieces is just one of the reasons that Slater stands out from the crowd. She even experiments with black lipstick and daring hairstyles that completely transform her appearance. Braver than most, her minimalist yet bold outfits are guaranteed to capture your attention as you scroll through your Instagram feed.

she should be praised for her advocacy of a new attitude towards aging

However, her success shouldn’t be defined by her popularity or follow count, despite it being indicative of her widespread influence. Instead, she should be praised for her advocacy of a new attitude towards aging: replacing the perils of old age with literal silver linings. Her spirit and message permeate beyond the chic garments, they promote an optimistic mentality that encourages people to question the entrenched rigidities of society. Not just an inspiration for the old, she is a pioneer and activist whose message can be applied to other former ‘taboos’ of life. Why can’t older people be fashionable?

So next time a ‘fashion rule’ pops into your head, just think of Lyn Slater. Both a grandma and style icon, she fronts a rebellion against societal constraints that promotes the acceptance of the aging process: age is no boundary.

Photograph: @iconaccidental by @maizhouyuan

Illustration: @iconaccidental By Anna Gibbs

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