Durham Constabulary clarifies law concerning fines for drunkenness

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Durham Constabulary have today released a statement, following widespread reports that they have chosen to enforce a law stipulating that fines will be given out to students too drunk to walk home.

To clear up any potential confusion, the police have moved to clarify the law. A spokesperson from Durham Constabulary said:

“We can confirm that an email went out from the University to students following a request by police. We would like to take this opportunity to clarify the law.

“Any person who is found to be drunk and incapable (i.e. unable to get themselves home safely, people who are unable to stand unaided, etc) could be arrested or be given a £60 fine for the offence, once sober.  This is a recordable offence and could show up on any in-depth CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check.

“Durham City is a DPPO (Designated Public Place Order), anyone consuming alcohol in public within the boundaries of the DPPO commits an offence if they do not comply with a request from a police officer or PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) to stop drinking.

“All this applies of course to anyone in the city, not just students and there is no intention to deal with students differently compared to non-students”.

Photograph: Les Bessant

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