Durham church partners with online national charity


St. Nicholas’ Church in Market Square announced the launch of their new partnership with the online charity, Acts 435. The partnership allows the Durham church to post donation requests for specific items on their website, in order to help those in need.

St. Nicholas’ Church (also known as St Nics), stated that working with Acts 435 would give “donors the opportunity to connect with people who are in need of help.” Acting as the intermediary between donors and recipients, St Nics will post individual requests for specific items, such as “replacing a broken cooker” or “interview clothes” on the Acts 435 website, so that anyone can donate directly towards those needs. St Nics wrote that donating individuals would be helping to “bridge the gap of financial crisis.”

“Working with Acts 435 will enable us to be such a blessing to the people in our local community.”

Michael Mcguigan – Acts 435 representative for durham

While donors participate online through Acts 435, St Nics will be responsible for contacting those in need. Michael McGuigan, Social Justice Enabler at St Nics and Acts 435 representative in Durham, told Palatinate that the church gets in touch “Through church drop-ins, online referrals, and word of mouth.”

St Nics held their first weekly drop-in service on the 26th of January, but McGuigan added that St Nics would be opening a new café in Easter, where they would be basing their Social Justice Hub activities in future.

McGuigan stated that “Working in partnership with Acts 435 enables us to serve the people in our community who are in financial hardship or crisis in a practical and straightforward way.” He praised Acts 435 as “It operates on an extremely cost-effective model, working through regulated churches and charities to connect donors directly with people in need… Working with Acts 435 will enable us to be such a blessing to the people in our local community and we are excited about this opportunity.”

St Nics is encouraging people to volunteer for the church in light of the partnership’s launch week. Those wishing to find out more about volunteering with Acts 435, the St Nics Social Justice Hub and the new café should get in touch with Michael at socialjustice@st.nics.org.uk, or at mevlydia@stnics.org.uk.

Image source: David Bramhall

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