Durham Chancellor appeals for donations for Covid-19 recovery fund


The Chancellor of Durham University, Sir Thomas Allen, has launched an appeal to raise money for a Covid-19 recovery fund to provide financial assistance for staff, students and alumni who have been most affected by the pandemic.

The money raised will assist four key initiatives, the first being to provide bursaries for students whose families and finances have been most impacted by Coronavirus, in order to ensure that they can continue their studies at Durham University. 

The second initiative is to provide financial support for key workers and children of NHS workers, easing their transition into University life. 

The third initiative will provide research grants to researchers in key Covid-19 recovery fields, helping to revitalise society and the economy.

Finally, the fourth initiative will provide career development funds for the Durham graduates of 2020 as they enter one of the most volatile job markets in a generation. 

In his message, the Chancellor stated that the recovery fund furthers Durham’s mission to “inspire the Extraordinary,” whilst revealing his pride for the students who have worked in recent months to combat the pandemic.

“We are deeply proud of every single one of our number who have played their part in this global effort.”

Sir Thomas Allen

The donations will support those who face severe financial difficulty as a result of the pandemic as, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, national income fell by an average of 20% in April alone.   

Despite acknowledging that the University is unable to shield its students from the current environment of uncertainty, Allen aims to assist students as they continue their Durham journey and enter the alumni community.

Sir Thomas Allen succeeded Bill Bryson as Chancellor of Durham University in October, 2011. He is considered one of the best operatic baritones of the late twentieth century.

Image: Domstu via Wikimedia Commons

One thought on “Durham Chancellor appeals for donations for Covid-19 recovery fund

  • Following the shambles of the A level results this year Durham has sadly come across as an uncaring and bureaucratic institution.

    Unlike other universities Durham has rejected many applicants on the basis of a flawed algorithm. This has impacted particularly on state school applicants where Durham already has a poor record.

    I think this appeal would be more successful if the University accepted that the A level results are seriously flawed and grades should be based on teacher assessment. You are already doing this for applications from Scotland.

    If there are financial implications to this decision I and am sure many former Durham students would be happy to assist.

    Student Collingwood College 1975-1978


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