Durham Cathedral lighting set for upgrade

By Waseem Mohamed

Durham Cathedral’s lighting system will be revamped over the coming months, as part of a wider project to renew lighting at various historical landmarks including Durham Castle.

Durham County Council, in partnership with the Cathedral and Thorn Lighting, will replace the current exterior lighting system which was installed ten years ago. The new lighting will utilise modern LED technology, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and increase efficiency.

The update will also ensure energy efficient floodlighting and a state-of-the-art control system. This will allow operators to control the colour of the lighting, which the Cathedral uses to mark special occasions.

“New lighting will allow people to appreciate the cathedral…with a new perspective

John shuttleworth

Councillor John Shuttleworth said “Durham Cathedral and Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is an integral part of not only the city, but County Durham as a whole. A project like this has to be carefully managed and sympathetic to such a magnificent structure.

“The new lighting will allow people to appreciate the cathedral at night with a new perspective, while it also enhances the current structure and ensures the lights will be kept on for years to come.”

Maya Polenz, the chief officer of property at Durham Cathedral welcomed the lighting upgrades: “This new system will once again showcase the cathedral in all its glory, as an icon of worship, history and heritage on Durham’s landscape.

“We are grateful to Durham County Council for the investment, which will enable a reduction in our carbon footprint whilst enabling the building to be fully illuminated again. It will allow the cathedral and the wider county to mark moments of national significance, such as the upcoming celebrations for The Queen’s Jubilee.”

The lighting project coincides with Durham’s continued efforts to prepare the city during its bid to become the 2025 UK City of Culture.

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