Durham academics granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK

By Sophie Gregory

This is a breaking story and will be updated.

The Home Office has confirmed that Dr Schwartz-Marin and Dr Arely Cruz-Santiago have been granted indefinite leave to stay in the UK.

A Home Office spokesperson said in a statement: “Following a review of the initial decision, Dr Schwartz-Marin has been informed that his application and that of his wife Dr Arely Cruz-Santiago for Indefinite Leave to Remain, has been approved.”

The couple, who had been threatened with deportation after spending 270 days outside of the country, expressed their relief in a statement to The Tab.

Dr Schartz Marín said “we’re really happy, this is such a joy and a relief. Now we can go back to the research we have to do.”

The pair shared the news in a tweet that expressed that the couple “feel compelled to continue pushing for wider change to review the rules imposed on international workers and its consequences for academic freedom!”

It was also shared by Jolyon Maughan, QC. The decision comes after a petition to challenge the Home Office’s decision reached, at time of publication, over 65,000 signatures.

More than £21,000 has been raised to help to fight the decision and Palatinate previously reported on demonstrations supporting Dr Schwartz-Marín and his family in Durham.

Roberta Blackman-Woods MP has been contacted for comment.

Photograph: Jon Bryan via Durham UCU

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