Durham 14th most Instagrammable University city


Durham City placed 14th in a list of the most tagged cities in posts associated with universities.

Research conducted by Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh analysed the total number of hashtags featuring every university in England, Scotland and Wales through Instagram data.

Over 71,600 Instagram posts featured Durham, many of which focused on the city’s main attraction, the Cathedral, a UNESCO world heritage site, and the surrounding Bailey area.

Over 71,600 Instagram posts featured Durham

Topping the list was London, with almost half a million tags, then Oxford and Cambridge, with around 400,000 and 200,000 respectively. Newcastle placed fourth with over 193,000 tags, making it the highest-ranked Northern University on the list followed by Durham. Sunderland followed, coming 26th with 34,152.

One of the most popular sites for Durham photography remains the world heritage site, consisting of the Cathedral, the Castle, and several other buildings surrounding the Palace Green. It was officially recognised by UNESCO in 1986.

Newer buildings have also been making an entry into Durham’s repertoire, including the Teaching and Learning Centre on the Lower Mountjoy campus. Earlier this year, it received the RIBA National Award and North East Award for 2021.

Image: James Tillotson

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