Left-wing infighting is rough, but have you taken a look at the Right lately?


It is a universal truth that you’ll see more infighting on the Left than on the Right. The Left fundamentally values accountability more than their opponents, who are all too happy to unite behind whichever strong and stable leader has risen to the top of the heap. It’s a tale as old as time whether you’re in the US or the UK; moderates cling onto institutional power within the Left, progressives criticise them, the media points and laugh, and the conservatives get twenty points ahead in the polls.

Quite frankly, it writes itself. This isn’t to say that progressives should sacrifice their values for the sake of arbitrary party unity, rather it shows how reactionary the Right is, because none of their individual squabbles are ever more important than uniting to defend western civilisation against the ultrawoke post-modernist cultural Marxists. There has never been a conflict within the Right that hasn’t been overshadowed by the authoritarian threat of slightly higher taxation. Until now.

Opportunists like Ted Cruz are only backing the election conspiracies because they think Trump supporters will lend their support in 2024 aspirations

It is objectively very funny to see the American Right decay into such pathetic tribalism. After years of doomscrolling through Labour twitter, the amount of catharsis released by seeing Democrats win both seats in Georgia because Trump voters refused to turnout for Republican “traitors” is a shock to the system. Watching grifters like Ben Shapiro break the speed of light as they jump from one camp to the other, desperately trying to predict which one will emerge victorious, provides a dopamine hit that should be reclassified as a Class A recreational drug.

As someone who has always envied the conservative ability to forget differences and close ranks, it is so satisfying to see open division as senators and congressmen hurl conspiracies and insults at each other. Four years of “owning the libs” has resulted in Trumpism being unilaterally rejected by both the electorate and those willing to take advantage of it, as establishment Republicans jump ship and leave the white supremacists out to dry.

Of course, let’s not pretend that the GOP is turning on Trump for any reason other than political necessity. Even before the Georgia runoffs, Republican officials were already eagerly sharpening their knives, waiting for an excuse to jettison his political baggage that has and will cost them so much.

Mitch McConnell clearly crunched the numbers and realised that Trump’s toxic base is more of a hindrance than a benefit in a world where Democrats actually remember how to appeal to the white working classes, resulting in his open acceptance of the 2020 election results on the Senate floor. Opportunists like Ted Cruz are only backing the election conspiracies because they think Trump supporters will lend their support in 2024 aspirations, but it’s tough tapping into a group of supporters who’ll happily commit the odd coup or readily believe your father shot JFK.

The best entertainment from all this can be found on the outermost fringes of the American Right, where the Nazis like to hand out. Here you can find Nick Fuentes going full-blown accelerationist, psychotically celebrating Republican losses in the hopes that the party will implode and can be taken over by white nationalists, because apparently it wasn’t already. You can almost hear the circus music echoing from across the Atlantic as Milo Yiannopoulos, Steven Crowder, and Steve Turley (who is a Durham graduate, incidentally) grapple with levels of cognitive dissonance hitherto thought scientifically impossible.

The Left has precious few reasons to celebrate. We don’t get to win much, and there’s often too many significant issues dividing us for any pretence at unity. So when something like this comes along, I really think we should cherish it. I think we should take a deep breath, not to calm ourselves down, but to laugh with all our heart at the absolute state of the Right at the moment, because God knows when we’ll have the chance to laugh again.

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2 thoughts on “Left-wing infighting is rough, but have you taken a look at the Right lately?

  • Its funny that it was the John Sullivan belong to Antifa and the racist movement BLM that instigated the violence. Then planned reporting through CNN along with Jade Sacker. And you mean to say, the right is always at fault?

  • Top notch whataboutism.
    What a painfully lazy attempt to justify poor behavior just because the people you’ve built an identity around hating also are dicks.


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