DUBadC two-week summary


Winning performances for the boys as the girls are knocked out of the Cup

Men’s 1st Team Vs Leeds 2nds  by Martin Woodhall

An early start for the men’s 1sts this week. They took a daytrip to sunny Leeds. They arrived keenly before the match was due to begin in accordance with Team Durham policy, ready to play. This week the match for the men’s 1st team could have given them victory in their league and promotion in to the higher division. Seemingly oblivious as the pressure mounted on the outcome of this match, all players performed outstandingly.

Knowing Durham’s strength in the singles game, the opposition placed their players tactically to give them a realistic fight for the draw, hoping to snatch some games from the doubles. Predictably, the singles games went Durham’s way. Some of the doubles games were hard fought however; the Leeds tactics did not pay off as Durham also clinched all doubles. Final Result: an 8-0 demolition to take the league and promotion.​ 

Men’s 2nd Team Vs Northumbria 2nd by Ed Moss

The top two teams in the league faced each other again today after an inconclusive home match draw previously in the season. Durham led the league by one point at the start of the day, a win would secure them the league, and a loss almost certainly deny them the promotion.

A nervous start by both teams saw, with strong home support saw one singles go each way, Kieran Purvis showing real mental fortitude winning in a tight third end. Durham then demonstrated why they are currently league leaders, the doubles dispatching both pairs clinically in straight sets. The singles then kicked off again at an appropriately high level seeing yet another convincing win for Kieran Purvis. Following shortly after was the doubles. Edward Moss and Matt Hall played confidently to continue their run of form seeing off opponents in straight sets. Luke Murray and Jeremy Chen also playing well to bring home a resounding 6-2 victory making Durham’s lead at the top now unassailable.

Women’s 1st Team Vs Cardiff by Laura Seddon

This week Durham travelled a long, long way to Cardiff for a Championship Cup match. A positive result would place Durham in the quarter finals where they would face the dreaded Loughborough. After an early start and a six-hour bus trip through a hurricane, Durham still remained high in spirits when they finally reached the Welsh capital.

After a quick warm up, the matches commenced. All players displayed confident performances, and it seemed a positive outcome could be on the cards. High level play from both singles players provided Cardiff with tough opponents. However, after stepping up a gear, the Cardiff 1st singles player secured two wins. The 1st doubles pair came out with a fight as always, and strong performances proved them undefeatable. Durham’s 2nd doubles were fairly evenly matched with their opponents, however mistakes made it difficult to secure points leading to a 2-0 loss. The final score of 4-4 came short of a win as Cardiff topped Durham 10-8 in individual games, knocking Durham out of the Cup. ​

Photograph: www.creativecommons.org (Account: J.L)

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