Crossword No. 3

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1 There’s no right to make noise while sleeping on back for ages! (4)
2 Rage at threat, not Democrat (5)
3 Drove round about to exaggerate (6)
4 Without introduction, notes down traditions (5)
5 Little bit of fish (3)
7 Clairvoyants take time on hill to be a quiet thinker (9)
8 No new women sense sex appeal somehow, or excellence (11)
11 Kind of rental inhabited by backward, negative German (7)
12 Jobs for announcers? (11)
13 Fat cats: snooty, cold, spoilt (7)
15 Intelligence on a ring seeping out (9)
16 Rascal holding uncooked, dead crustacean (7)
21 In the past the beginnings of rigorous academic exploration were in marketplaces (6)
23 Knowledge of support lacking top (5)
24 Exercise machine (5)
25 One plus one with nothing makes something very little (4)
27 Must have no time to turn around calculation (3)


1 In love with wild demeanour (9) 6 Girl living in Salem, Massachusetts (4)
9 Ignore the new, choose one with great beginning (7)
10 Bag made with snake, starting at roughly a pound (7)
12 Patron deities order with direction, people having no control over events (14)
14 Love done the wrong way can be painful (4)
16 Place to hide wealth, so I’ve heard (5)
17 Affiliate has no right to rank (3)
18 Every seventh person starts with sixth sense (3)
19 Begun with an end (5)
20 Wild animal comes up in grass (4)
22 Assist tagged engineer with glasses and energy for best possible outcome (2, 4, 2, 2, 4)
26 Company zones for people who like to hide (7)
28 A storm brews on a railway dot (7)
29 Dampens uprising in a state of anxiety (4)
30 Long periods in strange liminal state (9)

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