Solutions to Crossword No 3

By Phlox

We hope you found the Crossword sufficiently challenging but if you haven’t had a chance to try it yet you can find it here.

Click here to see the solutions Across
1 Enamoured, 6 Emma, 9 Neglect, 10 Bladder, 12 Predestination, 14 Sore, 16 Cache, 17 Tie, 18 ESP, 19 Afoot, 20 Reed, 22 As good as it gets, 26 Cowards, 28 Tornado, 29 Stew, 30 Millenia

1 Eons, 2 Anger, 3 Overdo, 4 Rites, 5 Dab, 7 Meditator, 8 Awesomeness, 11 Lenient, 12 Professions, 13 Tycoons, 15 Espionage, 16 Crawdad, 21 Agorae, 23 Intel, 24 Train, 25 Iota, 27 Sum

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