Carl Froch will consider retiring if he can’t have “dream fight” in Vegas



As four-time world champion, the best British pound-for-pound boxer and star of the highest attended boxing match since the Second World War, Carl Foch says he is ready to retire, as he “has achieved everything he wanted to do.”

But, the 37-year-old would consider one final fight if it meant he could have his dream bout in Las Vegas.

The idea has been floated that the Nottingham-born boxer could retire after a showpiece bout against fellow British boxer James DeGale.

But Froch has dismissed this – saying that former Olympic champion DeGale “isn’t a big enough name” and that he “can’t get motivated to fight him because he isn’t good enough.”

DeGale’s promoter Ambrose Mendy has said that Froch is “running scared” and says the reason Froch is refusing to fight DeGale is because he thinks he will lose.

But Froch has refuted the claims – saying that Mendy is simply begging him to take the fight to try to promote DeGale’s name.

Froch said: “He has not beaten anyone to justify being in the ring with me. He lost to George Groves. I flattened Groves and it would be even easier to flatten DeGale.”

And Froch says that he’d be happy to end his career on a high after beating Groves in May in front of a sell-out 80,000 strong crowd at Wembley.

It was the biggest boxing match since the Second World War, and established Froch as one of the all-time superstars in British sport.

The match was the fourth time Froch had successfully defended his world titles, and argues that it would be ideal if he were to retire while still a champion.

But he is reluctant to give up without trying the possibility of a dream Las Vegas fight.  He has never fought there but calls it “the fight capital of the world.”

A fight with bad-boy Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in Nevada could happen, but the Mexican is notoriously unpredictable.

Froch said: “If I put my final fight of my career on hold for him it could be risky. Sometimes he goes AWOL.

“The promoter of Chavez Jr has been in touch with my promoter and once that happens you are on the road to getting the fight made.”

Whether or not Froch retires this year, he will still go down as one of Britain’s best ever boxers, and many are calling for him to be 2014’s Sports Personality of the Year. This is reflective of a great year in what has been one of the most brilliant and iconic careers in British boxing history.


Photograph: Bryan Horowitz

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