BUCS Badminton: Team Durham brush Keele aside



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Team Durham Men’s Badminton continued their winning streak; following on from a 5-3 win last week, annihilating a tired and lacklustre Keele Squad. Even a score line of 8-0 doesn’t tell the whole story; both the singles and doubles easily managed to secure victory in very little time.

Durham introduced three new players into their squad from last season: Mantej Bahra, Ryan MacCarthy and Yiheng He, all of whom played in a double’s team and recorded dominant wins.  Mantej and Ryan swept Keele aside in all four games winning 21-3 and 21-4 against Keele’s 2nd side, and 21-3 and 21-6 against their 1st side. Similarly, Yiheng He and partner enjoyed landslide victories, winning 21-7 and 21-6 in their first games followed up by 21-4 and 21-10 wins in the others.

It was not, however, the new players who achieved all the success; the ‘old guard’ were equally dominant in the singles games. Captain Mike Roe and Ben Birks also successfully managed dominant performances in all their matches, adding further embarrassment to Keele. Roe successfully managed comfortable victories against Keele’s second team, winning 21-6 and 21-5, as well as against their first, winning 21-6 and 21-1. Birks’ record was equally impressive, winning 21-3 and 21-5 against his first opponents and 21-6 and 21-8 against his second.

It is definitely an encouraging start for Team Durham’s Men’s 1st Badminton team, starting very strong in their first game in the Northern 1A League. Not only did they win all eight games, but did so with ease. They will travel to Leeds next, where I’m sure they expect a tougher game than the one this afternoon.

Photograph: flickr.com

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