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By Nicole Wu

Congratulations! You’ve just received your mark back from that summative that was due on the second week of Michaelmas. Here is your impartial and anonymous feedback:

This was a really well-structured essay: you got your point across in a succinct and highly informative way. I particularly enjoyed the extensive deliberate arguments regarding how the Tories’ ‘partygate’ affects the way that a modern reader perceives Romeo’s banishment from Verona. This was a unique but very relevant opinion that will secure the approval of all humanities staff by playing with their unapologetic left-wing politics.

The essay took some time to get started. Next time consider shortening your introduction — but do make sure your introduction includes: your argument, an overview of all your points, appropriate quotes, a complete list of all the characters that you wish weren’t killed off by Shakespeare and their subsequent fandoms.

You managed to quote from the text well and make justified interpretations of your choices of quotes. Many of your points were interesting and highly impressive however, some of your points were far-fetched and unsubstantiated. For example: your point about how Boris Johnson’s birthday parties during the pandemic change the amount of sympathy we have for Romeo’s peripeteia. Try not to venture too far into unfounded arguments simply because they are topical.

 Overall this was a very impressive essay, it showed a huge amount of knowledge and dedication to exploring alternative interpretations. I would like your permission to publish this essay in my upcoming journal entitled ‘Verona Crisis, Corona Virus: Tomayto, Tomahto.’

An exceptional and original attempt.

Module Mark: 39.

Image: Jan Kahánek via Creative Commons

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