Breaking: Student assaulted on Hild and Bede towpath

CordonBy Palatinate

Police have cordoned off a section of the river walkway by the College of St Hild and St Bede following an assault on a student.

A team of police officers is stationed by Baths Bridge outside the college and another at the the Hild and Bede Rowing Club Boathouse.

A police officer at the scene told Palatinate that there had been “a serious incident in the early hours,” but that “it wasn’t a fatality”.

She continued that the incident was “serious enough to require all of this”.

Plain clothes police were seen inside the cordon apparently inspecting the bushes at the side of the pathway.

When asked, a member of Hild and Bede refused to comment, describing it as “a sensitive matter”.

Police could not be reached for comment.


UPDATE 5:16pm:

A JCR President emailed students saying:

“Last night an incident occurred with a student walking back by themselves along the river. Police are now investigating.

“Whilst no one has passed away, the nature of the event is still very serious.

“Although these occurrences are very rare in Durham, it does serve as an important reminder to never walk home alone”.

Police have now left the scene

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