BREAKING: Lion statue stolen from Hatfield


Police have been called after a large wooden statue of a lion was stolen from Hatfield College.

Those responsible are being asked to return the statue, known affectionately to Hatfielders as Timba, immediately or leave it in Norman Gallery.

This is a developing story. Stick to Palatinate for updates.


A senior source has informed Palatinate that a post-graduate student from St Chad’s College is presently the main suspect.


Hatfield Senior Tutor Anthony Bash emailed students to confirm the lion has been located, expressing his hope that the statue would be returned soon.

“‘Trophying’ (as in this case) is theft and can, as this time, have serious consequences.

“PLEASE do not take retaliatory action and PLEASE do not ‘trophy’ in another College. Serious consequences will follow if you ignore this advice.

“Hatfielders, please be models of restraint and dignity!!!”

Please contact if you have any further information.

Photograph: Durham University

3 thoughts on “BREAKING: Lion statue stolen from Hatfield

  • Trophying was part of the natural rhythm of life back in the Hatfield of the 80s, evinced by the large Castle flag which adorned the JCR bar for many years. Things came to a head when a Castle boat was found moored in the late lamented Hatfield pond one morning and in retaliation the inferiors tried to steal one of the College gates in broad daylight, dressed up as workmen (sadly given away by blue strikep shirts and shade loafers).


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