BREAKING: City Safety Group announces riverside safety improvements


The Durham City Safety Group has announced a number of new measures to improve riverside safety, following the death of Euan Coulthard earlier this month.

A statement from the City Safety Group said that there is a “clear and strong will to progress this work as quickly as possible”, and implement the changes immediately.

Among the measures are plans to provide a “reassuring presence in the city, particularly during night-time”

These include the development of a “high visibility welfare unit to provide a safe haven when appropriate” and a new voluntary scheme named ‘Durham Street Lights’ to help students get home safely.

The City Safety Group has also said that a Driver’s Recruitment Team will be launched to support the Student’s Union’s plans to re-establish a night-bus to take students home after evenings out.

The University is reportedly in talks with local taxi operators in the hope of giving at-risk students another safe way of getting home.

Furthermore, the City Safety Group announced it would undertake a number of measures to educate students about their welfare, and that the University and Student’ Union will work together to ensure that students are informed about their personal well-being during evenings out.

The Safety Group is set to “explore measures to tackle the availability of cheap alcohol”, and said that it is looking into steps to monitor alcohol consumption where student’s wellbeing might be at risk.

An independent review of riverside safety by the Royal Society for the Prevention Accidents (RoSPA) will also take place.

These measures will be undertaken and implemented immediately, and a further meeting will be held within the next two weeks to discuss any further measures that could be undertaken in the future.


3 thoughts on “BREAKING: City Safety Group announces riverside safety improvements

  • These measures will do nothing to prevent students finding a dark out of the way place to have a pee on the way home.

    Provide more public toilets & have them open 24 hours a day.

  • Enjoy your time at Durham, it’s a great place, in a great part of the country with great people. But for gods sake don’t take short cuts round the river bank when your drunk, there’s absolutely no need. The bars are in the centre of the town so you’re not getting home any quicker. Get a kebab, stick with your mates and look out for each other.


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