As I Ride Upon the Reach of Saturn (The Transient Comet)


As I ride upon the reach of Saturn,
Amid her slender sheet of shards once more,
I did chance to tread timid Pan’s pattern,
That does cajole its course; the trail it tore,
The cascading ripple those rings now bore.
“Oh plighted Pan,
How does thy span?
Twere twelve score year since we were clan,
And of my plan,
Ellipse I ran!
A century course I did scan.”
Pious Pan, in puce, sterile hue,
Did soak lore and lament of where I flew.
“My ovaled oath,
Sees wane nor growth,
Tethered amid two empires both.”
Of tandem trial and tyrant I did tease,
Yet still my potent partner please.
“Such method chance,
My path should glance,
These twain traipsers that pivot dance.
Oh they advance,
In practiced prance,
Rise and ruin the two do trance.”
Of myriad morsels I did weave,
As vacant voyager did veer to leave.
For solely the sentient do wander writhe and woes,
The crested comet lone amid celestial glows.



Pan: Small moon of Saturn which carves a path through its rings.


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