Another brilliant year for College Sport

With the end of the academic year just around the corner, college sport here at Durham has almost reached its end for the 2018/19 season.

Although Twenty20 Cricket and Tennis, as summer sports, are still to be completed, here’s our overview of this year’s college sport for the final edition of Palatinate.

For the eighth year running, Collingwood were crowned college champions after scoring a monumental total of 4,880 points. Their complete dominance is shown by the fact that they finished a staggering 2,067 ahead of Van Mildert in second place on 2,813 points.

Grey followed in third on 2,576 points, whilst Josephine Butler, St. Hild & St. Bede and St. Aidan’s filled out the rest of the top six on 2,248, 2,132 and 1,965 points, respectively.

On the courts, Van Mildert A, Stevenson A and Hild Bede A won the respective men’s, women’s and mixed badminton premierships as Hild Bede secured a Premiership and Trophy double in men’s basketball and Josephine Butler A retained the women’s basketball Premiership.

For the eighth year running, Collingwood were crowned college champions

Collingwood were dominant in several court sports; their A teams winning the men’s squash Premiership, the women’s squash Trophy, the men’s futsal Premiership, the women’s squash Premiership for a fifth successive year and the netball Premiership for a second successive year.

The volleyball Premiership went to the Staff A team.

Over at the pitches of Maiden Castle, Collingwood B triumphed over both Van Mildert A and the Collingwood A team to win the men’s football Premiership. This made it the first time since the 2015-16 season that a Van Mildert side did not top the men’s premiership table.

Van Mildert A did, however, triumph in the Trophy, where they defeated a division one Hild Bede side who had enjoyed a spectacular journey to the final.

The volleyball Premiership went to the Staff A team.

Hatfield A claimed the Floodlit Cup against Josephine Butler in an exciting 3-1 win back in March.

The women’s football Premiership went to Josephine Butler A, for the second year in a row as they won seven out of seven league matches. This was an incredible second straight undefeated season in the league. The ladies from Josephine Butler also triumphed in the Trophy, 2-1 against a Collingwood A side that thrashed St. Hild & St. Bede 6-0 in the final of the Women’s Floodlit Trophy.

Grey A in Mixed Lacrosse produced an exceptional double- winning season, by securing the Premiership and Floodlit Cup, but unfortunately losing the final of the Trophy, and the prospect of a treble with it, to Collingwood A.

In rugby, Collingwood A won the men’s Premiership, Hatfield A won the men’s Floodlit Cup, Castle A won the men’s Floodlit Plate and St. Aidan’s A, in just their second ever season, won the women’s Premiership finals after an initial third place finish.

Ultimate frisbee’s Premiership, Division One and Division Two went to Hatfield A, Josephine Butler A and St. Cuthbert’s B respectively.

Back indoors, the table tennis went to Collingwood A and in pool, Ustinov A won the Premiership as the college continue to show their dominance of the sport.

St. Chad’s A, however, did emerge as champions of the Trophy this year.

In a year where so much has been changing at Durham, especially at Maiden Castle, it is great to see the college sporting team continue to flourish as we see the addition of more and more teams year on year.

Congratulations to all the winners from this year’s college sport and to all those who took part. We look forward to bringing you more college sport action next year.

Photo: Team Durham

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