‘A song’ and ‘Incarnate Poetry’


A song

A song upon the autumn wind

that does float and call me to your side,

like a siren beckoning a sailor to his end;

this love is true, it cannot bend.

And yet in your aura death loses its sting

and becomes naught but a sweet release from the pain

that being in love with you does cause;

my heart is open, emotion bleeds and pours.

So, at the end, when I close my eyes,

the curtain calls, I say my goodbyes,

the memory of you shall always be twinned

with that song upon the autumn wind.


Incarnate Poetry

If all Shakespeare’s sonnets could take human form

and fill a room with nothing but warm

emotions and spirits by merely a name,

she still wouldn’t hold a candle to your raging flame.

The stories of men of old losing their minds,

their wits, their hopes, and even their lives

over the face of a girl finally make sense,

now I can bask in your presence.

And they say forbidden fruit does taste the sweetest,

and idea of a goddess does please the theist,

but I pray to any being that is up there

to save me from this love

this eternal nightmare.


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