A day in the life of an arts student

art students vs the worldBy Zoë Boothby

I set my alarm early (9am) to catch up on the reading I hadn’t done for my 10am tutorial. Predictably, however, I spent half an hour pressing the snooze button and turned up at my tutorial having still not showered since the weekend. Yum. I was able to waffle my way through the tutorial, with such vague statements as, ‘I think it’s interesting analysing this text from a modern perspective’, and evaluative, apologist judgements such as, ‘I found this book quite challenging to read, and it took me a while for the meaning of the text to really sink in. I’m not sure I still quite understand it.’

Remarkably, I had a whole TWO contact hours today, always an occasion for an English student. I had an hour to kill, so I had to stick around the Arts and Humanities haven that is Elvet Riverside. I bought an overpriced mug of mulled apple tea from Starbucks which I then proceeded to spill all over the table. This is a pretty accurate metaphor for my university education.

I also had a meeting with the careers department, to discuss my lack of employability and the general downward direction my life seems determined to go in. I actually thought the meeting had gone relatively well, and left feeling slightly less rubbish about myself until my friend pointed out that I had toothpaste on my face. On my forehead, to be precise.

I joined rowing this year because I figured that I wasn’t Durham enough and it has already taken over my life. I finished off my day with a session on the water and some fitness (#traindirty). Following this, it was my turn to make dinner, so I made a rather mediocre pesto penne pasta with tomatoes. I went upstairs for an early night because I had decided that tomorrow was going to be the day that I was going to get my life together and sort my stuff out.*

*I didn’t get out of bed till 1:30pm and wasted two hours trying to make sweet potato fries.



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