36 Trevelyan students affected by construction delays to be accommodated at Collingwood and Teikyo


Palatinate can confirm that the number of students to be affected by the redevelopment at Trevelyan College has reduced from 54 to 36 students, out of the total 240 incoming Freshers.

The Principal of Trevelyan College, Professor Martyn Evans, has released an update stating: “We are working hard to complete the refurbishment of student bedrooms as soon as possible and have been able to reduce the number of rooms that will be unavailable for the first two weeks of term to 36.”

Professor Evans has further confirmed that “all students unable to immediately occupy their room at Trevelyan will be accommodated at either Collingwood College or Teikyo University of Japan in Durham, both of which are less than five minutes’ walk from College.”

Professor Evans assures that “all students will eat in College and be able to enjoy all College activities.”

A concern voiced by the incoming freshers was whether they would be compensated for the inconvenience to which Professor Evans has said: “The University is investigating compensation options for those affected by the refurbishment delays.

“We are writing to all new Trevelyan undergraduates, both those affected and those not affected, to outline the impact and details of the compensation available.”

A soon to be first-year Trevelyan student told Palatinate that the first time they learned of the issue was via a Durfess post from the 16th September – the Durfess post was later removed. This was until an email sent by the University on Wednesday 18th.

Image by International Office, Durham via Flickr

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