10 students suspended for Covid-19 breaches

Durham students paid £4,288 worth in fines to colleges, and served a total of 531 hours of community service, after serious or repeat breaches of Covid-19 regulations last term.

A further £6,300 of suspended fines were issued. 10 students were excluded “for set periods of time”, with another six facing “action restricting their access to the Wider Student Experience”.

As of 20th December, the University’s Community Response Team (CRT), which patrols Durham every day in term time between 8.30 p.m. and 4.30 a.m., had visited properties 75 times.

The University reported that the CRT had received “positive responses from students” around three quarters of the time while on patrol.

Students saw 432 warnings issued to Colleges for low-level breaches. 186 “amber warnings” for more serious breaches were issued.

Jeremy Cook, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Colleges and Student Experience) at Durham University, said: “The vast majority of students have continued to respond to Covid-19 restrictions as responsible citizens.

“However, where behaviour falls below the standard we would expect, we have clearly outlined to students, staff and the wider community that we will take swift and decisive action.

“We have introduced the Managing Covid-19 Breaches Procedure, which uses a graded ‘yellow, amber, red’ response system in line with our NonAcademic Misconduct Procedure.

Fines of between £100 and £500 have been made available to Colleges as sanctions for breaches
graded ‘amber’.

“We have monitored all sanctions issued across all the Colleges for breaches both in College and out in the wider community throughout Term 1 and this will continue.

“Funds collected through fines are used to benefit good causes as determined by individual Colleges.”


5 thoughts on “10 students suspended for Covid-19 breaches

  • Don’t know why they are back here in a national lockdown didn’t think you could travel from different parts of the country there’s to many of them wandering about Durham City I have to go into Durham to work everyday it’s scandalous

    • Scandalous? Get over yourself. Don’t come on to a student newspaper website just to say disrespectful and negative things about students, who for the most part are being very sensible and respecting the rules, despite being the least at risk from Covid and the most mentally and economically affected by the lockdown.

      • Appreciate this stuff is hard. I have a son who is a student at another university who is now forced to work in his family home bedroom via video. He’d much rather go back to his accommodation than do this. I also understand that for some students staying at home is just not possible. However, what is galling / frustrating, is when in Tesco’s in Durham City I see and hear students (with faces uncovered) talking (as they put bottles of alcohol in their baskets) about going to parties and how they (cleverly) “managed” to get back to Durham before the lockdown was announced. Although we talk about students who have paid for their rental accommodation who aren’t being offered any refund I also hear of Durham Colleges who are letting students back into their accommodation. If true. What is the criteria that Colleges are using to determine if students can come back? And how is this “policed”?

    • It’s also worth mentioning that many of the students who are currently in Durham were here over the Christmas break because they are international students and have no other choice. There are also students who may not have a safe or secure place to stay otherwise or may have their permanent home in Durham. So think about people’s situations before making sweeping generalisations.

      • Terribly rude and typically arrogant.
        During a worldwide pandemic and about to see over 100,000 deaths of our fellow citizens it is scandalous that a large minority of Durham University students are breaching the Covid laws and guidelines.
        We will not get over ourselves until our risk of a terrible Covid death is removed.


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