What Trump Means for Science


Following the surprise victory of the controversial Republican candidate,  SciTech take a look at Donald Trump’s policies means for science focusing on: Space Exploration, Climate Change, STEM Education and Gun Research.

Space Exploration.

The US is famous for its contributions here. It was the first country to get a man on the moon, and has played an active part in Space Exploration ever since.

Donald Trump has said he is a “big fan” of space exploration. In an interview with ScienceDebate.org he said: “a strong space program will encourage our children to seek STEM [education] and will bring millions of jobs and trillions of dollars of investment to this country.”

However, Donald Trump is expected to curb investment in this area. He believes that the nation’s finances are better spent elsewhere. The first priority for Trump’s America should be a strong economy.

Climate Change.

Donald Trump has dismissed this out of hand. He sees it as a Clinton-Obama nonsense, and argues that any policies to reduce emissions are unnecessarily burdensome on the economy.

He will begin by pulling the US out of current climate change combative measures. This includes abandoning the country’s commitment to the Paris Climate Accords, halting all US funding for UN global warming programs and scraping the US Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to cut emissions.

“Paris climate accords…[give] foreign bureaucrats control over…what we’re doing on our land in our country”, said Donald Trump in Bismarck earlier in the year.


STEM Education.

This encompasses the Education Departments work to teach the next generation.

Trump sees this as an over bloated bureaucracy, and seeks to reduce funding. He cites its increasingly poor performance despite receiving more funding than in any other country in the world, as the reason for reducing funding.

“We are rated 28 in the world [for education]”,  he said and intends to direct STEM funding elsewhere.

Gun Research.

Guns are a big topic in the US. There is a never-ending debate as to whether it is a constitutional right to carry guns.

The President-electhas not given an official position on this. But, his position on guns generally allows a lot to be inferred.

Already proposed by Trump is a “national right to carry”, which would entail everyone in all 50 states having the right to get a concealed weapons permit, and carry guns. Trump also considers gun bans a huge failure.

It is likely that there will be no attempt to remove guns from society whilst Trump is president.


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