By Tommy Pallett

Welcome (back) to Durham everyone! I hope you’ve all had wonderful summers, and managed to keep up to date with all things science! Thank you very much for picking up this week’s Palatinate newspaper and flicking straight to SciTech.

This year there are no excuses for not keeping up with science and following SciTech: you can like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and look up all sorts of exciting content on our webpage! You can look forward to interviews with lecturers, quick explanation and demonstration videos, and themed article weeks such as ‘The Psychology of Success’ and ‘Durham Science Revealed’.

This week we’re kicking off with the jovial ‘Freshers’ Week Lab Manual’, so join us in finding out what happens to your body when we kiss, exposing the dreaded Fresher’s Flu and much more! If you want to get involved with SciTech then get in touch, either by messaging our Facebook page or signing up to our mailing list at the Palatinate welcome drinks. For now, though, happy reading! How we ever contracted pubic lice I’m sure we’ll never know…

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