Waltz #20

For Hannah

There is a prayer to be said,
sitting on the side of the road
waiting for the Good to visit —

it always does, in the end
it just likes to take its time
— it is careful to be heard.

In the end it is the girl
with the fire in her eyes,
the heat of her heart and

the smoke in my lungs.
It is always her. In the fumbling
for keys and the bite of the air

there is the Good, and there is
the girl. She meets me
where the knowing meets the bone

and I know that we were
meant to meet — that the
world has a way of things.

The days have been cold
for quite some time now,
I think that makes it winter

but I think knowing you
makes it summer, so let’s call it autumn.
We carve our names into nature

and so we will live forever —
this complete picture of us
now, will reach back to us

when we are changed and
gone and dead, I’m sure,
but for now we are immortal —

Isn’t it wonderful
how loving someone
can make you feel so much.

Illustration Credit: John Singer Sargent via Wikimedia Commons

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