Vive La Resistance: Inside the Trump White House

By Perry Gresham

Four weeks ago, the New York Times published an Op-Ed, claiming to be written by an unnamed senior official inside Trump’s White House. Supposedly, officials inside the administration are attempting to undermine the President.

The discrepancy between the President and the official line is clear.

From observing press releases, the discrepancy between the President and the official line is clear, most notably where it comes to foreign relations. It appears that the resistance comes from an establishment Republican standpoint.

The aim is to “preserve our democratic institutions”, but there is a certain irony in unelected officials protecting democracy by subverting a democratically elected president.

If American democracy is under threat from Trump, the core of this issue is actually a classic paradox – what happens if the populace vote for representatives who obstruct democracy? And would preventing this be more or less democratic?

There is irony in undemocratically elected officials protecting democracy from an elected President

It’s implied that the president is not of sound mind and unfit to lead, but in that case, the only legal solution is to invoke the 25th Amendment, to remove him from office. Instead, we have an underground resistance holding the reins of power.

Free from democratic control, unaccountable officials could do anything they please in the future, and this is a much greater threat to democracy than Donald Trump.

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