US special relationship should be defended

By Nathan Cinnamond

United Kingdom has a unique friendship with the United States of America. In many ways, we embody the values of Western civilisation better than anyone: that is, the freedom of the individual to think and speak with unrestricted freedom, ruled by limited government against tyranny and evil. Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, and all that. Of course, we are going to experience difficulties along the way but that we can overcome differences and emerge out of the other end partners still makes our relationship that much more impressive and precious.

So, if you’re anything like me, you aren’t the smallest bit surprised the Left is trying to destroy in 4 years what was 241 years in the making. Without any respect to history, nor realisation of irony (neither of which the Left has on its side) it is often this political group that likes to brand Trump a ‘fascist’ and a ‘Nazi.’ It therefore makes it quite difficult for them to show even the tiniest sympathy towards anything Trump does, for this would show an inexplicable contradiction. Please bear in mind, I am not demanding that anybody likes Donald Trump, for it is a testament to our freedom that we can indeed have contempt for our leaders, but, as Theresa May reminded us in PMQs, the democratic head of state of our most important ally deserves respect.

Jeremy Corbyn, who played the role of the submissive in Wednesday’s PMQs, seems keen on making as many people possible aware of his condemnation of Trump’s travel ban yet, when Obama declined Iraqi visas for six months back in 2011, where was the protest? Where was the level of scrutiny that Trump is receiving right now? It appears to me that the Left is formulating its opinions by working backwards from “we don’t like Trump.” (As a side note, if you are protesting a so-called “Muslim ban,” you really don’t know what you are protesting and, as the ‘democratic’ parties of both the UK and US have found out, not understanding your opposition can be fatal.)

Theresa May knows as well as anybody that Brexit is going to be a long and arduous process, which will define her term as Prime Minister. She’s not looking for a friend in Donald Trump, which is why she can dismiss mishaps such as the ‘grab her by the pussy’ comments, but simply a man with which she can strike a much-needed trade deal to set the exit from the Union on its tracks. Does anybody seriously believe a Prime Minister Corbyn, with his repeated virtue-signalling and moral outbursts at the new administration, to be the right man to secure us good terms? It is for this reason that, over supper, I thank the Lord for our daily bread, our forgiven debts, and PM May, for it is the latter of these only that will continue our special long-distance relationship.

Photograph: Elspeth de Montes via flickr.

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