Updates: “The student is very lucky to be alive”



The University’s Chief Operating Officer, Paulina Lubacz, told the press conference earlier that the University are “working very closely with partners currently on the issue of safety, there’s a whole raft of measures being put in place.”

She said: “I’d like to express how relieved we are that there wasn’t another tragedy and particularly how grateful we are that that was averted, for the presence of mind and courage of the member of the public and emergency services who took such prompt action.

“We do take the safety of our students extremely important and we’re all very dismayed at recent events.

“We are working very closely with partners currently on the issue of safety, there’s a whole raft of measures being put in place.

In response to the variety of river measures being implemented, Lubacz stated that “led by the County Council on behalf of the various partners in the safety group, we’re looking at working with taxi companies to get students home safely, we’re looking at the volunteering schemes in the city who go out and we’re very grateful to them.

“So we’re continually trying to see how we can improve measures.”

Lubacz described it “it is very disappointing to find that we’ve had another incident.”

Lubacz identified the University policy on College bars as “very responsible” and distanced recent incidents from Colleges as “the tragedies we’ve had have involved students who were not residents in college and had not been drinking immediately beforehand in college bars.”

Meanwhile Professor Ray Hudson, Acting Vice-Chancellor, and Dan Slavin, the Students’ Union President have released the following statement: “In the early hours of this morning (Friday) the emergency services rescued a Durham University student from the River Wear. Thankfully the student is safe and well.

“We cannot over-emphasise the seriousness of this incident.  According to the Police the student is very lucky to be alive.

“The University and the Students’ Union this week committed to working with our partners to put in place a number of safety measures.

“However, there are actions you personally can and must take to ensure your safety and that of your friends:

* Ensure you drink responsibly (See advice from the National Union of Students here)

* Do not walk home by the river at night

* Do not walk home alone, and do not let your friends walk home alone”



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  • Also should take into account just how icy it was last night and the fact that the towpath doesn’t get gritted/salted very often (as can be proven by how difficult it was to walk along there for me even this morning when entirely sober and in daylight)..


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