University announces Covid-19 disciplinary measures


Durham University has outlined its disciplinary procedures relating to the breaching of Covid-19 restrictions.

In an email sent to students this morning, Vice-Chancellor Stuart Corbridge acknowledged that the “vast majority of you [students] have responded to the local and national Covid-19 restrictions as responsible citizens”, but where students fail to do so the University “will take swift and decisive action”.

This system will be supported by the new University Security Community Response Team (CRT), which has been established to support Durham Constabulary in local Covid-19 policing.

In the first instance of a suspected Covid-19 breach, the University will adopt an ‘engage, explain and encourage response’. Those involved will be asked to explain the risks of their behaviour, encouraged to observe current Covid-19 legislation, and reminded of their commitment to themselves, their peers and the wider community made under the Student Pledge.

For cases in which the ‘engage, explain and encourage’ response has been judged ineffective, the University will employ a graded ‘yellow, amber, red’ response system.

A yellow warning is in place for a first, low level breach of regulations and will be issued by the student’s college. Second or more serious breaches of regulations will result in an amber warning being issue, in which a formal warning will be added to a student’s record. These warnings may be accompanied by further sanctions including a fine of up to £500 or community service of up to 75 hours.

Further breaches or where serious aggravating factors are identified, a red warning will be issued, with sanctions including expulsion from the University.

This announcement follows the latest update that over 250 Durham students have confirmed cases of Covid-19.

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