TV Characters with Style: Ask the Reader!

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Here at TV and Film, we asked our readers to send in their opinion on who is the best dressed character in the land of Showbiz. Have a read, gain some style tips and perhaps get inspired to try out a new TV show! 

Tommy Shelby (Peaky Blinders)

When you’re the leader of a group of gangsters, your attire has to exude dominance. The leader of such a group must boast such sleek classiness that it screams confidence. Enter Tommy Shelby, Britain’s answer to Nucky Thompson (from Boardwalk Empire), a man of sartorial impeccability. His tweed three-piece and flat-cap combo gives a timeless British edge to the classic suit, a pocket watch dangles denoting a man with no time to waste. Tie or no tie? That is the question. Well, with this flawless aesthetic there is no need to worry, the outfit works strikingly with both, though no tie allows the viewer to bask in the glory of his club collar.

Underneath his razor cap, Tommy sports a haircut that has seemingly inspired many (myself included), despite the gap in time. His back and sides sheered severely, keeping a link to his military past. And yet, it looks effortless; his trim oozes class, whilst heralding his gypsy heritage. Tommy encapsulates what the men of the Peaky Blinders are about in terms of their elegance; they showcase classy outfits, but never go over the top with the colours or style of their garb. This is the perfect combo to wow audiences while also inspiring the common man to follow suit (excuse the pun).

Villanelle (Killing Eve)

Killing Eve’s Villanelle has long been hailed as a style icon, with her frequently changing identities marked by dramatic changes in wardrobe. Over the course of three seasons, Villanelle sports a wide- ranging fashion sense: each outfit effortlessly matching her every calculated move. From flamboyant power suits to plain working uniforms, it is clear to say that Villanelle is not afraid to experiment with her style.

Perhaps most memorable is the puffy pink dress worn at the start of the first season. Designed by Molly Goddard, this striking bubble-gum garment is paired with big black boots, an unconventional yet iconic coupling. Pink is a common choice of colour for Villanelle, whose frequently feminine looks are contradicted by her ruthless killings and sassy attitude. The pig mask and tutu combo in season two perfectly demonstrates this, as the theatrical slaying of an adulterous businessman appears almost comical for the onlookers.

Many of her outfits act as a disguise, such as the quirky art-teacher look she goes for in season two, complete with a wig and trendy specs. Yet, not all of Villanelle’s outfits are so well planned out, as evidenced by the superhero pyjamas stolen from a child in hospital. It is evident, however, that Villanelle places great importance on her fashion sense, and her eager eye for style is the perfect embodiment of her complex and unique nature.

Donna Paulsen (Suits)  

Having recently done the obligatory quarantine tv show binge, it has to be said that I have found a new all-time favourite show in Suits. As any fan of Hardman-Pearson-Specter-Litt-Zane-Wheeler-Williams- will know, the standout performance is that of Sarah Rafferty as the rambunctious and almost-certainly psychic Donna Paulsen. As well as possessing a razor sharp wit, Donna sets the bar for business wear; in a show that is literally named for male business attire, it seems ironic that Donna’s sometimes-scandalous looks steal the show.

Donna effortlessly styles out a stiletto, always pairing the scarily high heel with beautiful designer dresses, tailored to the Nth degree. Her looks always seem to say ‘you know only I can pull this off, right?’ each one being set off by her trademark auburn hair. My personal favourite ensemble is her wedding dress (spoilers!). The strapless black gown features a bouquet of white flowers encircling her waist, the petals floating towards the bottom of the full skirt. The dress perfectly encapsulates the series finale as, like the petals on the dress, our beloved cast scatters in different directions. Donna’s style naturally matches her character: bold, classy and unique. One thing her dresses certainly aren’t though, is breathable!

Image by pablobg97 from Pixabay

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