Trump’s travel ban sparks outrage


The truth is that there is always a headline related to the new President of the U.S., Donald Trump. Whether it is about his constant discrimination towards Muslims or his non-filtered tweets over a federal judge, there is always some form of drama and a feeling of uncertainty relating to his political approach to international affairs. This time we were hit with a rather radical measure; an executive order banning people from seven Muslim countries (Iran, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan and Libya) from crossing the US border. In the past couple of days, the response towards the ban has been felt around the globe, with protests in every big city.

Maybe Trump is not aware that his country has only accepted 13,000 refugees from Syria after a careful process of selection. Germany, in contrast, received a million of them. On the other hand, none of the countries banned from the U.S. has been part of the recent terrorist attacks on his territory. Many questions arise concerning his extremist views on immigration; is he satisfied with his measures? Does he know that the U.S is a country founded on the hard work of immigrants? Does he think he will put a stop to terrorism by banning a few countries?

The travel ban affected thousands of people by cancelling visas to all of those who were from the Muslim countries above. His action contradicts the First Amendment, which is the right of freedom of religion in the American Constitution, one basic foundation of US democracy. On this point, Trump stated last week that the ban had different implications for those who were Christian, even if they were from Muslim countries. The violation towards people’s rights and values within a country of such enormous diversity is a big mistake for Trump. There is a constant lack of understanding of the values that are the robust pillar that sustains the cultural interaction in the country. He has no respect for religion, women or other cultures that are outside his bubble of the American dream.

The American dream includes anyone who is a U.S. citizen, wherever they might come from doesn’t and shouldn’t matter. If he wants to continue this administration he must, therefore, stop the generalisations in his actions and statements especially on his Twitter account – which is outrageous. Mr Trump, the most controversial President in the history of the United States, needs to read the Constitution of his country first, instead of building more walls in his country.

Image by Quinn Norton via flickr.

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