The Trump-Morgan Show

By Tom Cameron

President Trump, in an interview with Piers Morgan on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, has said he would be willing to apologise for retweeting Britain First Video’s – an act which saw a major backlash from British politicians and media alike.

In the interview, President Trump stated he did not know what Britain First stood for, and that if they did stand for “terrible racism,” he would be willing to apologise. This is yet another major U-turn by President Trump, who at first strongly defended his decision, hitting back at Theresa May over twitter for voicing her concerns over his retweet.

However, despite a low in relations, President Trump was keen to reaffirm his own, and America’s close alliance with the UK. He stated that America would defend Britain if ever attacked, alongside vocally supporting Theresa May on her decisions, even stating the UK and USA were very similar on some policies; especially border control.

The state visit was also mentioned, however, Mr Trump claimed he did not know whether he would be making one.

This is yet another turn in the unusual Presidency of Trump, however; it appears Britain and America’s special relationship remains strong.

Photograph: Peter Riches via Wikimedia

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