Track Review: Fly Trap Honey – ‘Manikin’


Fly Trap Honey are back with their brand new single ‘Manikin’. Formed back in late 2019 when singer/songwriter Alex Comaish met bassist/vocalist at a Durham University theatre induction and with Harry on drums, the group have never been shy to release music that is pushing the boundaries of what songwriting can be. Over the summer lockdown, despite the restrictions with the pandemic, the band were able to make the best out of the situation, releasing their single ‘Stolen Days’ as well as the ‘Stolen Day: Songs from Isolation’ set. Spotlight music commented that ‘Stolen Days’ was “a large gift-wrapped box of nostalgia for a more carefree time, with vocalist Alex inviting each listener to find something unique to unpack”.

Fly Trap Honey are certainly a band to keep any eye out for in the music industry with their uniqueness and ability to push the boundaries of what songwriting is.’

In the case of their new single ‘Manikin’, the song was released on Christmas Eve and was a real Christmas treat. Written by the sea in Salcombe, back in August, when the group were able to spend time together, the song exhibits reminisces of new wave music, with the combination of synthesisers with percussive guitar emphasising this ode to the classical rock style, merged with modern, future pop. These relaxing guitar lines and smooth percussion highlight Comaish’s impressive vocals, especially in the chorus where his vocal ability truly shines. It is important to note the 3-part vocal harmonies featured on the track which Comaish comments is going to be an on-going trait with Fly Trap Honey’s future tracks. Lyrically, the song deals with a protagonist contemplating the idea of just about being able to survive and keep it together despite feeling a sense of longing for something missing in their life. The line ‘I’m barely 21, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find I’m getting set in wayward ways’ is one that particularly sticks out. This line is one students can most likely relate to given the restrictions and consequences of the pandemic causing life to feel as if it is the same routine or even put on hold. Personally, I can see this song being played in an indie-art film just for it’s brilliant take on the future, alternative style and expressing this laidback, calming wave of energy.

Fly Trap Honey are certainly a band to keep any eye out for in the music industry with their uniqueness and ability to push the boundaries of established styles. The band also plan to keep spirits high with an exciting release of an EP and depending on the conditions of the pandemic, hope to perform more live shows in the future!

Image: Fly Trap Honey at Collingwood ‘Stag Sessions’ in March

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