Tommy Terrific the G.O.A.T.


Tom Brady has just retired from the NFL and no words can be used to describe his departure from the sport. A great deal of sadness for everyone in the league at the retirement of the greatest player to ever touch a football, especially for and Pats fans who had the privilege of cheering for him. 

But mixed in with this sadness is joy and relief for every other team in the league who would have to play him. His devotion to winning is perhaps the most identifiable thing about him, that even at the age of 44 he was inches away from getting to the NFC Championship game, and possibly an even more mindbogglingly 10th Superbowl appearance with a shot at his eighth ring.

Tom Brady entered the NFL in the 2000 Draft at pick 199. Whilst not knowing it at the time, the Patriots had just started their dynasty because that same year the Patriots also signed a brand-new coach in New England by the name of Bill Belichick.

In the second game of the 2001 season the Patriots were playing the New York Jets and he led the Patriots to a 10-3 victory. From here Brady continued to lead the Patriots to victory after victory. They finished the season at a record of 11-5 and eventually all the way to the Superbowl against one of the best teams ever, the 2000 St. Louis Rams otherwise known as the ‘Greatest Show on Turf’. Brady was able to keep a cool head and lead the Pats to their first Championship victory ever as the clock ticked down to zero.

 Brady to Moss as a duo broke the single season record for quarterback touchdowns and receiver touchdowns

In 2003 Brady was able to lead the Pats to another victory in the Superbowl in a similar fashion against the Carolina Panthers. The Patriots were down going into the dying seconds of the game and Brady once again led his team down the field, putting them into the position to bring another Lombardi Trophy back to New England. When again in 2004 Brady led the Patriots to the Superbowl it was a similar story with Brady leading the Pats down the field for their third Championship in four years.

Statistically, Brady’s best year came in 2007, he was hitting his athletic stride by being experienced and understanding how to win games effectively, but primarily due to his wide receiver partnership with Randy Moss. Brady to Moss as a duo broke the single-season record for quarterback touchdowns and receiver touchdowns and led the team to an unbeaten record in the regular season. 

The Pats made it all the way to the Superbowl without losing once, however in the big game against the heavy underdogs, the New York Giants, thanks to a miracle helmet catch from David Tyree the Patriots season ended up at 19-1.

However, like fine wine Brady got better with age

In 2011 the Giants faced off against the Pats for a second time in the Superbowl, with the same result. It seemed at this point that Tom was never going to win another ring and the general sports public believed that he was past his best, however like fine wine Brady got better with age.

In 2014 Brady led the Pats to the Superbowl again, this time facing down the Seattle Seahawks and their legendary defence the ‘Legion of Boom’. This Superbowl is mainly remembered for one play by Malcolm Butler, a rookie, on the one-yard line, but it is important to appreciate the complete context of the game. The Patriots were down and looked to be out of this game in the first half, but Tom put the team on his back and was able to lead a comeback for the ages in the second half.

In 2016 however Brady not only made the case for him being the greatest of all time but ensured that no one else could come close to him. In the Superbowl down 28-3 with 20 minutes left in the game, Brady led the comeback of the ages scoring 25 unanswered points to bring the game to overtime. 

Once in overtime Brady led the Patriots marching down the field to win his fifth ring. In 2018 Tom was able to grind out another victory in the Superbowl against the Rams to bring his number of rings up to six, but he wanted one more. 

Undoubtedly, he is the Greatest Of All Time

At the age of 42 the Patriots decided to start rebuilding but Brady wasn’t interested in this and took his talents to Tampa Bay where last year he won his seventh Superbowl ring, taking his personal total to seven, more than any organisation in the NFL.

The main thing that you need to know about quarterbacks in the NFL is that great ones, hall of fame talents start losing it after 35, after 40 they can’t throw a football well in a professional game. At the age of 44 Brady was throwing perfect spirals to his last snap.

He defied father time and had a dedication to winning that was unmatched by anyone he ever played against and was able to cultivate a dominance thought impossible in the modern NFL. Undoubtedly, he is the Greatest Of All Time.

Image: Melisa David via Flickr

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