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Audrey Rogers, 23, started her style blog while still studying English at Durham. She is regularly featured on and currently blogs for Hello! magazine. indigo caught up with her to talk about the success of her blog and to find out how the blogosphere works

Why did you start your blog?

I always wanted to study fashion but was persuaded to pursue a more traditional degree. I began Frassy because I wanted to do something creative, off my own back, and completely unrelated to my degree. It began purely as a creative outlet, and then it sort of evolved into documenting my daily personal style. As a fresher, I began reading a lot of fashion blogs to the point of fascination and so I thought, “Hey, why not do this myself”?

What was the reaction like at first and how did it change?

I guess I was lucky because I had a lot of friends who were into blogging so they gave me a lot of initial publicity. Also I started Frassy just before the “blogging trend” happened, so at the time there weren’t that many UK fashion blogs. Saying that, it took a good 6-8 months before I really developed a readership. It was a frustrating time, but then it just sort of took off. At first, it was so strange that girls I didn’t know were so interested in me. And then, all of a sudden, I was travelling to London all the time, for fashion week, for press collaborations – it was great!

Do you make a living from your blog?

Yes, Frassy comprises the largest chunk of my self-employment – I’m also working as a freelance photographer and fashion writer. Frassy generates money from advertising revenue and froms brands sponsoring me to wear and feature their clothes on my blog. I also run a boutique where I sell clothes and accessories sourced in Paris. I’ve recently signed a contract with an agent and I am in the midst of designing a t-shirt range. If it goes well I want to start designing a seasonal collection of clothing to sell on Frassy Rags.

What’s the most exciting thing that has happened to you as a result of the blog?

I guess maybe making the cover of a book, called Style Diaries. My own book is now in the making, titled “How to be Frassy”- giving girls of all ages advice on fashion, life, style etc.

What’s a typical ‘day in the life’ of a blogger?

People don’t believe me, but a blog takes a lot of time. Usually my photographer will come over and we will get a couple different outfits photographed. Then there is editing, the photos, replying to emails, meetings with brands. I have an intern too, and she’s super fun, so we will drink coffee and Coke in my apartment and she helps with just about every aspect of the blog. Then there is my boutique – I have to source clothing, trek out to wholesalers, package all the orders up, take them to the post office – it’s never ending. It’s a weekly cycle, but there is never ever enough time in a day!

What are your plans for the future with Frassy?

I’ve got BIG plans! Right now, my two websites are being re-designed and by January 2012, you will be able to read Frassy in multiple languages. I also want to amp up my boutique – designing clothes – I want the store to eventually be an emporium of clothes that stick very closely to my own personal style.

What are your favourite blogs?

As a blogger, I read a lot of blogs. Some of my favourites are Atlantic Pacific, Sincerely Jules, Because I’m Addicted, Fashionology, Business of Fashion.

Audrey gives her advice on breaking into the world of blogs

How do you get your blog noticed?

Original content is key. There are literally hundreds of thousands of blogs out there now, which makes it that much harder to gain readership. Also, interact with your readers- interaction is the essence of blogging. So reply to their emails, blog about topics that they will find interesting.

How do you get followers?

I get asked this question a lot – and there is no quick recipe for success. You just have to be persistent! Send out a lot of emails, use social networking to the maximum – twitter is so great. Also, go to PR events- befriend fellow bloggers- it’s a very loyal industry.

How do you get businesses/ publications involved in your blog?

In the same way you apply for internships- send them a CV of your blog- traffic statistics, your achievements with blogging so far. Be patient but also be persistent.

And finally, what should a good blog have?

Original content. And it should also be personal. Reading blogs is similar to letting a friend read your journal- it’s writing and sharing on an intimate level.

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