I hold glass bottles to the sky

In thunderstorms,

I go home and shelf them for light.

I crawl up and back into you

In thunderstorms

and wrap in warmth till I can’t breathe.

Drown me

In thunderstorms;

Hold my head down inside your veins.

Your goosebumps hug me to you, snug,

In thunderstorms

When I find asylum under

Your thumb.

In thunderstorms,

I love you again. Just for a while,

While my mind pours columns of cold,

In thunderstorms

That hang over my head and haunt

Me with self-doubt till I stress out.

In thunderstorms,

I watch the rain drip down my brain

And cut through ice and chloroform.




You can buy Sandhita Chandra’s poetry collection ‘Soot Red’ on Amazon.

Photograph: Thomas Bresson via Flickr and Creative Commons

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