“They do exist”: protest in support of Palestine

By Julia Atherley

Protesters gathered on Durham market place to show solidarity with the Palestinians killed at the Gaza border.

The County Durham Palestine Solidarity Campaign held an impromptu protest following the news that upwards of 52 people had been killed by Israeli troops following conflict. 

The group is a local branch of the nationwide Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Emeritus professor Bill Williamson, chair of the group, told Palatinate they wanted to hold a “vigil” for those who have lost their lives, as well as increase awareness of the issue.

Williamson praised the work between local residents and students in highlighting the problem.

On their Facebook page, the Durham group state: “We are people who live in County Durham and Darlington. We are deeply concerned about the plight of the Palestinian people.

“We support the Palestinian struggle to achieve a just and lasting peace settlement. We are an affiliated branch of the national Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

“We support the work of the Durham University Friends of Palestine, a student society. We support the work of the Durham Palestine Educational Trust”.

Palatinate spoke to Rahaf, a student from Palestine completing a Masters in Marketing at Durham University. She said she was protesting to “show people we care, even though we are far away”.

Rahaf highlighted the high level of support she has received from the community in the North East.

The protesters were also asking individuals to sign a campaign to put pressure on the CEO of HSBC to cut ties with companies supplying weapons to Israel.

The protest took place meters from HSBC’s Saddler Street branch located in Durham market place.

Ahmed (pictured right) is originally from Jordan but now lives in County Durham. He told Palatinate he is here to show solidarity with the Palestinian people.

“They do exist”, he said, “but the media has shown the opposite”.

Photographs: Members of The County Durham Palestine Solidarity Campaign, ‘Dairy’ (top) and Ahmed (below)


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