The UK’s biggest student-led fundraising event | DUCFS behind the scenes

C/W: This video contains flashing lights. Viewer discretion is advised.

You’re granted an all-access pass to the UK’s largest student fundraiser, as PalTV goes behind the scenes at the Durham University Charity Fashion Show. Following the challenges presented by Covid-19, amongst other obstacles, see how a team of students puts on one of the most anticipated events of the University social calendar. 

Producers: Poppy Askham, Luke Power, John Cartin, Stephanie Ormond; Scripting by: Luke Power, Poppy Askham, Lara Moamar; Video Editor: Matty Grassow; Voiceovers: Stephanie Ormond; Music: James Tillotson; Filming: James Tillotson, Ryan King, Amy Haddow, Edie Wood, Rex Munson, Laura Mireanu; interview: Tilly Owen; 

Additional thanks to: Sophie Manion, Frankie Docker, Elle Fitzgerald, Alisa Kazinets, Keziah Smith, Thomas Cain, and the rest of the PalTV team for their support and involvement.

With extra thanks to the DUCFS team.

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